My Work

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Data Science Projects

Data Visualization

Created over 30 data visualizations @ Center for Global Data Visualization

Dashboard Prototype

Designed a dashboard prototype using Python Pandas and JavaScript (D3, DC, Crossfilter). Analyzed the State-by-State impact of proposed changes to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) policy at Mathematica Policy Research’s data visualization mini hackathon. View Dashboard here

Bayesian Clustering

Created a Bayesian model in R with Dirichlet Process Mixture Model and Gibbs sampler. Recovered an air quality data set of Hawaii and Los Angeles combined to separated distributions for each city.


Deep Learning Projects

Natural Language Processing

Built a text emotion detect system using Python deep learning frameworks including Keras and TensorFlow. The underlying model is based on neural networks with sequence models, transfer learning and multi-task learning.


Simple CAPTCHA Recognition

CAPTCHA recognition using Python.