About Me

Let me tell you a few things...

Jiahao Xu


Enthusiastic in data science, machine learning and deep learning. Actively seeking data scientist employment opportunities!

Jiahao has a data science Master's degree from Georgetown University and a statistics Bachelor's degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The QED Group LLC @ Arlington, VA

Global Health and Data Visualization Specialist Intern

Provided data-driven and insightful solutions, improved and solved problems in the fields such as Ebola, global refugee, HIV, child mortality, water, sanitation, hygiene, etc. Maximized the results of clients’ decision making.

Researched and collaborated international development data from distinct open data sources and created over 30 data visualizations such as web-based interactive charts, performance evaluation dashboards, multiple layer maps, animated time series charts, bar race charts, etc., using JavaScript D3.js, Python, R, Tableau, Plotly, and Flourish.

Built a prediction model of the food security index using penalized linear regression for USAID.

Georgetown University @ Washington DC

Teaching Assistant

Tutored graduate level data science courses. Helped students debug codes, graded homework, quizzes and exams, and provided 3 office hours per week.

Helped students understand the concepts and logics of data cleaning, data analysis tools, and get familiar with machine learning packages and Python coding environment.

Led in-class project of building a big data pipeline on AWS from ETL to data analysis with SQL, Python, and Spark.

Micron Technology @ Folsom, CA

Product Engineer Intern

Created a linear regression model and utilized the Monte Carlo simulation to find out flaws of various memory circuit designs. Parallelized the simulation process on pySpark and improved the runtime by 1.8x.

Vectorized and improved two MATLAB numerical ordinary differential equation solvers (ODE45, ODE15s) to accelerate the simulation process.